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Sarah Bidgood

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Ed Giroux

Punta Gorda, Florida

Sarah Bidgood is a photographer based in Michigan. She travels internationally to capture landscapes and people of various cultures. Her images exhibit the intricacies of the natural world and how human structures, relations, and traditions interact within it.


Renz Machiela

Holland, Michigan

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Renz Machiela is a cross-disciplinary artist based in Holland, Michigan. His works thematically focus on nature and the changing of seasons, ranging from murals to canvases to clothing to prints.

Ed Giroux is a self-taught artist based in Florida. His watercolor paintings highlight the simple beauties of life. His subjects of focus are influenced by the area he is in, varying from humans to objects, such as fish or boats.


Jane Pilch

Alexandria, Pennsylvania

Jane Pilch is a painter based in Alexandra, Pennsylvania. She began studying art at an age that many might think to retire. Jane, primarily a musician, finds that art and music constantly overlap. While she usually paints from her imagination, the works exhibited here were done from photographic references.

Roger portrait big.jpg

Roger Peet

Portland, Oregon

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 Roger Peet is an artist, printmaker, and muralist living in Portland, Oregon. His work focuses on civilized bad ideas, predator-prey relationships, and the crises of biodiversity and capitalism. He collaborates globally and locally with artists, activists, and scientists  in the service of a more generous, wilder world.

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